Ancient Egyptian Transport

There were many means of transportation in ancient Egypt. There were boats, ships, tanks, sleds, donkeys, camels, carrying chairs etc. It is interesting to note that one of the most common means of transportation was walking. The Egyptians used sandals, but when walking long distances, they seem to have carried them in their hands and put them on when they reach their destination.

Ancient Egyptian Transport

Especially the elderly have used walking sticks. One March day was between 20 and 40 kilometers. Many roads have to dig the canal. Transport chairs were supported by men, but they were apparently adapted and attached to the backs of donkeys. In later periods, they were used only for ostentation. For daily use, even the pharaohs preferred chariot. Horses were introduced into Egypt by the Hykos the 17th century. Usually men would be held in the tank, which was like a little open carriage drawn by one or two horses. A chariot could go about 25 miles per hour.

Horses were monitored and controlled by the reins. But as they were expensive to maintain, they served only for the rich and has never been a popular means of transport. Sleds were wheeled vehicles, but they have not been widely used. The water was poured on the ground to facilitate the passage of the sleds. Donkeys, "beasts" have been used to carry loads and were therefore in ancient Egypt. They were kept in large numbers across Egypt, despite their not very docile. Under the Ramesside Temple of Amun had only 11 million donkeys on his land.

The animal that most Egyptians owned or leased a camel. Camels were introduced into Egypt in large numbers by the Persians invade. The Egyptians wanted camels because they could go a long way without water, food, and rest. They could also carry heavy loads on their backs. It was so important that the camels could go a long way without water, because there was not much water or food in the deserts where the Egyptians lived.

A community settled on the Nile, would obviously make use of the waterway, an excellent means of transport. Rafts, boats and ships have been widely used. Not all people in boats. These range from small canoes to large barges to transport heavy freight. Since wood is scarce and expensive are usually made from reeds that grew along the banks of the Nile.

Their boats were a little smaller than a boat and they were made of straw. Egyptians moved their rowboats. Ferries too carried away. The speed of the river depended on the direction of the road, the wind and current, the boat and its crew. In general, we do not go on the Nile in the dark. One of the reasons why Egypt grew rich was the transportation of raw materials and export of finished products. A more or less feasible transport was a major reason for their prosperity।


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